April 6, 2010

Via Vite - 4 Turkeys

I recently went here with my husband on what was likely my 10th visit.  I love the location of this restaurant...right in the heart of the city at Fountain Square.  The restaurant has clean, sleek lines but without being overly modern.  There is always a great weekday lunch crowd here taking advantage of their  lunch combo specials.  When you walk in during the week you feel the "power lunch" vibe immediately.

 I personally favor the Boucheron goat cheese salad with figs followed by the penne bolognese.  This time I was offered the option of adding a meatball to the dish - the waiter said it's how the dish is served at Nicola's (Via Vite's sister restaurant).  I was very disappointed by the quality of the meatball. It was overly dry and bland.  It added nothing to my dish and I will be sure to steer clear of it the next time.  However, the salad was as satisfying as ever.  I only like two salads - the Harvest at Dewey's and the Goat cheese salad here.  It's baked and topped with a spring mix.  It is absolutely delicious.

My husband's dish, Linguine with clams, was mediocre.  The pasta was swimming in a pool of oil which overshadowed the overall flavor of the dish.  The clams were tender and cooked well - definitely the highlight of the dish.  This was an unusual experience at Via Vite - usually I love everything.   I will be back based on my previous experiences - but if it was on this one then I'd have to think again.

Piece of Advice - if you go and the special is the lasagna GET IT!  It's delicious and comes with a very generous topping of creamy béchamel.

Score: 41 points
Ambiance (4), Tastiness of Dishes (6), Menu (5), Drink Selection (4), Cost (8), Accessibility (4), Service (5), Location (5)

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