April 12, 2010

5 Guys Burgers and Fries - 2.5 Turkeys

Since we moved here two years ago I've heard nothing but praises for Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  I unfortunately never make it to Clifton so when a new location popped up in right down the street at Rookwood Commons we jumped at the chance to finally have the famous burgers.

First of all, I had no idea this was a national chain so right off the bat it took it down a notch for me.  It was a typical diner set up with checkered tiles, however, I haven't been to many with sacks of potatoes stacked around you.  I liked that they really emphasized where their potatoes came from that day.

I had heard they oversize things so I got a Little Bacon Cheeseburger and I shared a small fry with my husband.  The burger had cheese oozing from under the bun which was pure eye candy to me.  The Little Burger is a misnomer because this thing was the size of a double quarter pounder at McDs (well maybe almost that big).  I asked what beers they had...answer was "none".  Strike 2.

Now for the first bite - the one we have been waiting two years to take.  It was, in one word, disappointing.  Not that it was bad but it just wasn't delicious.  I've had countless amazing burgers as I'm sure anyone who has visited Terry's can claim and this just wasn't one of them.  I know this is a "fast" burger joint but nonetheless I would prefer to go thru the drive-thru or wait the hour for Terry's than go back.  The burger was a bit overcooked to the point it was crumbly.

As for the fries - I had heard how they give you an excess so we opted for the small fry.  We finished the fries that were in the cup but when we looked in the bag this is what we found.

This is another entire small (or even medium) fry.  I couldn't believe how many fries we ended up wasting.  I know people like to get their money's worth but really?  If I wanted this many fries than I would have ordered them.

Overall, it's not terrible but I wouldn't shout it's praises from the mountain tops. It's convenient if you are shopping all day in Rookwood followed by dessert at Yagout.

Score: 28 points
Ambiance (2), Tastiness of Dishes (4), Menu (3), Drink Selection (2), Cost (6), Accessibility (4), Service (3), Location (4)

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  1. I think you look for different things in a venue than I do or others. The fact that it's a chain and doesn't serve beer doesn't do anything to me. Just means it's easier to find food when I like it.

    I like their burgers but I'm not a big burger person. You did order that many fries - they stuff the cup full (and I mean full) and stick it in the bag. That's what falls out.

    It sounds more than anything like your preconceptions (2 years of waiting? Really? Why didn't you just visit Clifton a year ago...?) got in the way a lot but that happens with food.

    Anyway - keep writing, I enjoy the perspective!