March 18, 2010

Montgomery Inn - 3 Turkeys

We finally convinced my grandparents to come visit us and when I say convinced I really should clarify and say we bribed them with a gift card to Montgomery Inn.  It's really the only thing that motivates my family (me included).  We took them to the Boathouse which I 100% prefer to the location in Montgomery.  That one reminds me an old smoky men's club, sans the smoke.  Now when you do sit at the Boathouse I only recommend seats by the window at night...otherwise you'll be distracted by all the floating objects passing by!  At one point I could have sworn a tree branch was a body.  I supposedly have 20/20 vision but I am seriously doubting it.  

The Ribs King Wrap has been a favorite of mine since the first time we went - it oozes sauce and cheese.  To compliment my very unhealthy dinner I chose the steamed broccoli as my side. Big mistake - it had ZERO flavor and was definitely over cooked.  My husband's Mac n Cheese was calling to me throughout the entire meal - he saw my puppy dog eyes so he generously left a decent amount in the bowl and said he was "so full he coudln't eat it" after devouring his pulled pork sandwich.  The pork was very moist per usual and had a satisfying amount of the famous sauce on it.  

My Grandpa went for the traditional experience - RIBS! He actually got the Ribs/Chicken combo plate - it came with a heaping pile of both.  It took him a good 45 minutes to get through half the plate.  My Grandma got the Special which I've had 2 times before so I really pushed her to it.  I forget the name (Tornedos something).  It comes with 2 filets topped with mounds of mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes.  To finish it there is a generous amount of bourbon cream.  The dish has such a unique flavor. If you are going out for a special night and can drop $30 on a plate...GET THIS!  It's worth it.  And I always have left overs of it too.  

You can't go to Montgomery Inn without getting ribs so the three of us that didn't get it as the main course got a small appetizer of it to satiate out appetite for the sauce.  The meat just jumps off the bone when you look at it - almost right into your mouth with a bit of course hitting your cheek.  This is not a place for a first date!  

Bottom line - the main dishes, especially anything with the ribs and sauce, are delicious.  The sides are hit or miss - get the Mac N Cheese when in doubt. The green coleslaw just plain scares me - who eats this? Why even both making it green? 

Score: 33 points
Ambiance (2), Tastiness of Dishes (7), Menu (4), Drink Selection (3), Cost (6), Accessibility (4), Service (3), Location (4)

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  1. "The green coleslaw just plain scares me - who eats this?"

    I eat it! It has a fantastic horseradish flavor that really kicks it up a notch. My favorite alternative to the traditional "creamy" coleslaw. Don't hate. ;-)