September 20, 2010

Terry's was Wronged!

For those of you unfortunate, uninformed souls living in Cincinnati without a subscription to Cincinnati Magazine you are missing out and you definitely missed their recent July issue that rated the top burgers in the city.  But luckily you missed out feeling utter disbelief when you realized that Terry's came in 3rd place!  Really?  Now I haven't tried the top 2 (Wildflower Cafe and City View Tavern) but I felt shocked when I learned of the snub.  I have the top 2 on my list of "Must Try" but haven't seemed to get further than the ever so glitzy giant sized brightly lit woman dressed in blue that waves all angus craving maniacs into the dimly lit room.

Aside from having deliciously flavored burgers the sauces can't be beat.  Check out the same July issue for the "secret" recipe.  We made them recently for a BBQ but in slider version...turned out awesome!  I was pleasantly surprised when the recipe called for ground dark chocolate.  Now I'm just waiting for the recipe for those sauces to be published then I'll be on my way to heaven.

No need to re-rate this gritty paradise.  Let the burgers do the talking for you...if any of you have been to one of the Top 2 according to Cincinnati Magazine let me know your thoughts. I am going to make it up there soon as I can digest my last Terry's burger with Vermont Cheddar and bacon.

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